Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co.,Ltd

Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co.,Ltd

Xiang'an high pressure switch factory Low-voltage switchgear plant in lake Tong'an Parts Factory

Huadian Xiang'an Industrial Park project is right now under construction with an area of about 140 thousand sqm alongside Xiang'an Roadin Xiang'an district. As a key region of investment and development forXiamencity in coming years, Xiang'an district enjoys the advantage of natural and geographical resources. This area is designed for our HV factory construction and operation in the future. 

Xiang'an factory

Huadian MV/LV switchgear factory locates in Xiamen Torch High-Tech Industrial Development Zone with many high-tech occupiers. This plant covers an area of 25 thousand sqm with the GFA up to 40 thousand sqm, including the headquarter office building, R&D center, engineering design center, training center, customer center, workshop and logistics center. With the development and improvement of its product series, Huadian now owns complete series of MV/HV switchgear product line with standardized management, advanced manufacturing equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Huadian Huli Industrial factory

Huadian Tong'an Industrial Park locates in Xiamen Tong'an district occupying an area of around 14 thousand sqm, featured by accessory processing, manufacturing and services of product series including insulation parts, aerial plug/socket etc.

Tong'an  Factory
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